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Sound Meditation

This 2-hour interactive hands-on workshop includes both a meditative sound journey and hands-on time where you experience vibrational sound therapy. There is no experience necessary for this event, please dress comfortably.

What is a Sound Meditation?

A Sound Meditation is a meditative journey that involves various instruments, each varying in vibrations and frequencies. This particular workshop includes 8 quartz crystal singing bowls, 7 therapeutic brass singing bowls, two Koshi chimes, and a gong. These vibrations and frequencies induce an altered state of consciousness, also known as theta brain waves. The resonates that are produced affect the entirety of your body leading to a state of total relaxation.

In this state of relaxation, the mind and body are able to come back into alignment and wellness. The Sound Meditation benefits the participants for up to 72 hours and has the ability to increase your happiness, has the power to increase your mood and well-being, while reducing anxiety, and can increase the faith and the spiritual connection for participants.

The Sound Meditation lowers your heart rate, slows your breathing, allows muscles to release tension, and brings ‘stillness’ into the mind. A Sound Meditation helps to reduce stress, deepen the meditative state, and allow(s) for a sense of peace and well-being to come over you.

During the experience portion, you will gain a better understanding of how the bowls affect us (you) on a cellular level. This will be done by filling the bowls with water to see the vibrations, holding balloons near the bowls to feel the vibrations, and using your own body to sense the vibrations that are created by the bowls. We will also create and watch a slow-motion video of the bowls for everyone to take with them.

Special Guest Host

Practitioner Michael E. Murphy strives to connect people back with their innate vibrations, therefore connecting individuals back to their natural healing roots. This connection helps the client reconnect to their body which leads them to regain balance between Mind, Body, and Spirit (Energy). Michael is a certified Vibrational Sound Therapist through the Vibrational Sound Association, he also is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and has been practicing Reiki since 2013.


This two hour Friday evening special workshop is $70, is nonrefundable and is limited to 8 participants. Feel free to attend once or several events! Schedule by visiting the Creative Wellness Events page.

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