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Continue your wellness journey with our special events and classes.  Click on the icon or the class name to sign up.  
Workshops and special events are nonrefundable and Yomassage has a 48hr cancellation policy.
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with Minden Barrile, Master Therapist

Postponed- 90 minutes -  $70 

It's not yoga and it’s not traditional massage.  Yomassage is a luxurious and profoundly relaxing experience that combines mindfulness, supported positions and relaxation massage therapy in a semi-private group format, hosted by Master Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor Minden Barrile, LMT.  

This is a completely different experience that combines multiple ancient wellness practices in a modern and unique way!   Read More

Yomassage has a 48hr cancellation policy

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Sound Bath

with Shea Rose, Songwriter and Performer 

Postponed - 60 minutes -  $60 or $50 with early registration

Slow down, let go and drop into a peaceful relaxation during this unique sound bath experience with Recording Artist and Berklee College of Music professor, Shea Rose. As she invites and guides you into meditation, the room is filled with the warm sounds of Tibetan and crystal bowls, subtle bells, soft melodic percussive instruments, and lush vocal chants performed live by Shea. Bathing in the space of sound can bring us into a state where we can sense the feeling of our own body and then allow ourselves to unwind from stress, stored tension, and pain.

This special event is nonrefundable

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Sound Meditation Intro & Interactive Workshop

with Michael E. Murphy of Pure Body & Mind Wellness

Postponed- 2 hours -  $70

Brought to Creative Wellness, by special guest host, Michael E. Murphy of Pure Body & Mind Wellness.  Surround yourself with vibrations and frequencies from an assortment of bowls, chimes, bells, and natural sounds.  This 2-hour interactive hands-on workshop includes both a meditative sound bath journey and hands-on time where you experience vibrational sound therapy.  Read More

All workshops are non-refundable


Yoga Voice w/Shea - 3 Hour Workshop

with Shea Rose, Songwriter and Performer 

Postponed- 3hrs -  $160 or $130 with early registration

It has been said that the human voice is the muscle of the soul. A voice that is healthy and free brings about balance, wisdom, inner confidence and strength. In this three-hour workshop, with vocal coach and Grammy-winning recording artist Shea Rose, participants are guided through breath and meditation exercises, yoga sequences, and postures that fuse yoga and singing to help free up and reclaim their voice.   Open to both singers and non-singers, and perfect for anyone who wants to learn the tools to help slow down, breathe, feel their feelings, connect to their voice and then speak from a genuine heart-centered truth space.

This special event is nonrefundable

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Private Sound Healing Sessions

with Michael E. Murphy of Pure Body & Mind Wellness

Postponed -  $130

Brought to Creative Wellness, by special guest host, Michael E. Murphy of Pure Body & Mind Wellness. 

During the Sound Healing session, your heart rate lowers, your breathing slows, muscles release tension, and allows ‘stillness’ in the mind. A Sound Healing session is non-invasive and does not involve any manipulation of the body so it is safe to be done in conjunction with many of your treatment plans.  

Sound Healing is great to help reduce stress, deepen the meditative state, and allow a sense of peace and well being.  Read More

These special guest sessions are non-refundable

Not Currently Offered

Due to the covid pandemic, and the request by the governor, to limit group activities, we are not hosting any group events, in our studio. We hope to resume events and special workshops as soon as it's safe to do so.  

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