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Massage Therapy

As healing practitioners, we genuinely care about and take pleasure in working with our guests to help them to feel good in their bodies. A balance of technique and intuition are at the heart of each massage.  Our therapists, work with each person in a highly focused and customized way to achieve results. After a session, guests often tell me that they feel pain-free, letting us know that we have been effective in treating each person we touch. Our team specializes in pain management and employ the various modalities of bodywork that we have learned in years of professional experience. That said, we are also mindful of people's need to de-stress and therefore enjoy giving a truly relaxing experience through bodywork therapy to facilitate deep states of calm and peacefulness.

Signature Creative Wellness Massage

Our Signature Massage is our most popular option and the perfect choice if you're unsure of which type of massage therapy is best for you.  It is a custom, tailored experience designed with your needs and goals in mind.  Our therapists use a variety of styles to provide a restorative and relaxing massage. The Signature Massage also includes your choice of one of our signature scent options.  

Deep Tissue Massage

Experience profound muscular tension relief through deep tissue therapy. This modality is particularly useful for people suffering from past injuries or chronic muscle tension that needs more detailed focus to break up "knots" or adhesions. 

Master Therapist Massage

Integrated Massage with Minden Barrile, LMT, the owner of Creative Wellness. Techniques will include but are not limited to trigger point, myofascial release, Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and vibrational sound therapy. With over 20,000 hours of hands-on massage experience, Minden brings a knowledge and technique to her massage unlike any other. Your massage also includes one of our three signature scent options. 

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes which causes an increase in muscular tension, aches, pains, swelling, and fatigue. Massage therapy is very effective at bringing relief, rejuvenation, and relaxation to the mother-to-be. A special table or cushion allows the woman to lie safely and comfortably belly down is utilized for this special time in a woman's life.  Our Prenatal and Postnatal Massage includes your choice of one of our Signature Scent Options.

Sports Massage

Our Sports Enhancement & Recovery massage is helpful during training, in preventing athletic injury, keeping the body flexible and helping in recovery. Various techniques are used to help stretch tight muscles, increase range of mobility and detox tissues of metabolic wastes for better performance before an athletic event and faster recuperation post-event. 
The session may include some pre-massage clothed stretching as part of the treatment.  Please wear comfortable clothing such as a teeshirt with loose-fitting shorts or sweatpants for full range of motion.

Vibrational Sound Massage

This treatment utilizes a combination of therapeutic manual massage and vibrational sound via tuning forks. During the treatment, your therapist will begin with vibrational sound and end with therapeutic massage to relax the mind-body. This combination of massage and sound healing is the ultimate in calming of the body and focusing of the mind. Note: Offered in 90-minute sessions.

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Signature Scents

All Creative Wellness Signature Massage includes one of our optional Signature Scents.  We only use superior quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils in our treatments, or no scent if you prefer.  


a powdery, floral, light scent
Helps ease feelings of tension, reduce anxious feelings and promote peaceful sleep


a camphoraceous, airy scent
Helps to clear the mind, and promote relaxation and clear breathing.


Monthly Seasonal
a Special Chosen each month
Our Signature Monthly Seasonal Scent is carefully chosen to highlight the feelings and emotions of the current time of year. 



Add to your massage experience with one of our enhancements which use a combination of essential oils, organic products and/or hot towels to enrich your massage experience and compliment your massage session, during your scheduled session time:​


Intensive Lavender Scalp Treatment - $15

Enhance your massage with our intensive lavender scalp treatment.  Gentle massage to the head stimulates circulation and relaxes the skin of the scalp while lavender essential oil calms and deeply relaxes.  


At your request, additional therapeutic oils can be added to the treatment to hydrate the scalp and the hair.  If you choose this option, please be prepared to leave with oil in your hair. This is the perfect treatment if you are looking to give your hair and scalp some love!

Magnesium Cream Foot Massage - $15

Give tired aching feet our special foot massage, which includes organic Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream, a luxurious blend of hand-crafted magnesium oil, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and aloe. Magnesium oil is shown to help with leg cramps, muscle aches, and to detoxify the system. Experience health benefits while giving your feet some extra care. 

Sauna Express - 20 mins - $40

Our express private infrared sauna session is 20 minutes of deeply relaxing & healthful benefits right in our studio before or after your massage.


This time is dedicated to you and you alone.

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“Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.”          

         - John Lennon