Prices - Effective Sept 6, 2022

Our massage sessions are performed by an experienced therapist with advanced training and include our Signature Scent Option. 


At Creative Wellness, we strive to always update our offerings and the price list below is not all-inclusive of all products and services currently offered but rather our most commonly requested options.

Massage Services

Signature Massage Session • 60 min- $125 •  90 min- $180 

Relaxing and Restorative.  The perfect choice if you're unsure which option to choose.

Deep Tissue Massage • 60 min- $135 •  90 min- $190 

Detailed focused work for the relief of past injuries or chronic muscle tension.

Master Therapist Massage • 60 min- $145 •  90 min- $200 

Integrated Massage with Minden Barrile, LMT, who brings a knowledge and technique to her massage unlike any other.

Master Therapist Prenatal or Postnatal Massage  60 min- $145 •  90 min- $200 

Designed to help women before or after pregnancy by Minden Barrile, LMT.

Prenatal or Postnatal Massage Session  60 min- $135 •  90 min- $180 

Designed to help women before and after pregnancy.  

Sports Massage 60 min- $135 •  90 min- $190 

Helpful during training, preventing athletic injury, keeping the body flexible, and helping in recovery.


Massage Enhancements

Intensive Lavender Scalp Treatment - $15

Gentle massage to the head stimulates circulation and relaxes the skin of the scalp while lavender essential oil calms and deeply relaxes.

Magnesium Cream Foot Massage- $15
Give tired aching feet our special foot massage, which includes organic Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream.

Infrared Sauna

Add a sauna before your massage session.  Unfortunately, we do not offer stand alone sauna sessions

45 min Sauna Session (Private) - $65

Enjoy a 45-minute sauna session, focused on your choice of health benefits and temperature.

20 min Sauna Express - massage add-on - $45

This 20-minute massage session added before your session gives you maximum massage results.

45 min Sauna Couples Session - $85

Enjoy a 45-minute sauna session with a guest (who must be a member of your household).