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Enhance your session with one of our custom designed treatments all of which use a combination of essential oils, organic products and/or additional hot towels to enrich your massage experience and compliment your massage session, during your scheduled session time:

Intensive Lavender Scalp Treatment - $15

Enhance your massage with our intensive lavender scalp treatment.  Gentle massage to the head stimulates circulation and relaxes the skin of the scalp while lavender essential oil calms and deeply relaxes.  


At your request, additional therapeutic oils can be added to the treatment to hydrate the scalp and the hair.  If you choose this option, please be prepared to leave with oil in your hair. This is the perfect treatment if you are looking to give your hair and scalp some love!

Foot Reflexology

Magnesium Cream Foot Massage- $15

Give tired aching feet our special foot massage, which includes organic Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream, a luxurious blend of hand-crafted magnesium oil, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and aloe. Magnesium oil is shown to help with leg cramps, muscle aches, and to detoxify the system. Experience health benefits while giving your feet some extra care. 

Sauna inside.jpg

Sauna Express - 20 mins- $45

Our express private infrared sauna session is 20 minutes of deeply relaxing & healthful benefits right in our studio before your massage.  This time is dedicated to you and you alone. 


There are countless benefits to infrared sauna use, for more information, please review our blog article, Relax and Reap the Health Benefits

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