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Creative Wellness Studio is excited to offer the addition of Yomassage! You may not have heard of Yomassage yet. In fact, Minden Barrile is one of the few practitioners trained in Massachusetts to offer this fabulous new wellness service.

Yomassage is not yoga and it’s not traditional massage. Yomassage is a luxurious and profoundly relaxing experience that combines mindfulness, supported positions, breath work and relaxation massage therapy in a semi-private group format. The “Yo” in Yo massage is based on the principles of yoga and the philosophy of looking within.

During the class, you will enter various comfortable positions, and Minden will go around to each person and do gentle to medium pressure massage to a body area. Since the class is a minimum of 90 minutes and limited to four participants, each person receives plenty of hands-on massage time.

Additionally, you will be guided on a meditative visualization, that changes monthly, throughout the duration of this class. This will positively be a mind, body, spirit experience! By the end of class, you will feel a very deep state of relaxation and inner peace.

Yomassage is beneficial for everyone and it can complement your existing massage wellness program. Yomassage combines multiple ancient wellness practices in a modern and unique way! No prior experience in yoga is necessary and is structured to include all skill levels. The only prerequisite is that you are able to get down to and up from the floor.

Yomassage can also be a bonding experience for couples, parents & teens and friends but it's also great for some 'me-time' as well.

Upon arriving at the session, you will be greeted by soothing music, mood lighting, and a comfortably warm room. Everything will be provided for you to enjoy and benefit from this experience. You need only to come wearing comfortable clothing (that stretches such as yoga or sweat pants) and a sleeveless, non-restrictive top.

Everyone deserves access to therapeutic touch. Yomassage offers this to clients fully clothed, in a safe environment, by a Master Therapist. Each session will end with a feeling of relaxation and having received a full body massage.

Schedule by visiting the Creative Wellness Event Page. Each Yomassage is $70 and has a 48 hour cancelation policy.

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