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What is Yomassage? 

It's not yoga and it’s not traditional massage.  Yomassage is a luxurious and profoundly relaxing experience that combines mindfulness, supported positions and relaxation massage therapy in a semi-private group format, hosted by Master Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor Minden Barrile, LMT.  


This is a completely different experience that combines multiple ancient wellness practices in a modern and unique way!

What to Expect 

Each 90-min class practices mindfulness, visualization, breathwork as you walk through a series of supported positions, that will be held for 8-10 minutes. While in a position, Minden will visit each person and give soothing massage to an area of the body.  Since classes are limited to 5 people, everyone receives plenty of one-on-one massage time, while participating in a rejuvenating visualizaiton.


Additionally, Minden will guide you on a meditative visualization, that changes monthly, throughout the duration of the class. Yomassage is positively a mind, body, spirit experience! By the end of class, you will feel a very deep state of relaxation and inner peace.  



When Should I arrive?

At least 15 minutes prior to the start of class for check-in.  Class begins promptly at the time listed and those arriving after the doors close will be denied entry.  

How Big is the Class Size?

There is a limit of five people per Yomassage held in our studio. 


Who Should Take Yomassage Classes?

Everyone! You just need to feel comfortable getting up and down from the floor and be over 14 years of age. You do not need to be flexible at all to take a Yomassage class. You do not need any prior experience in fitness, massage, or yoga to take these classes but if you have a program, it's an amazing compliment.

Yomassage can be a bonding experience for couples, parents & teens, and friends but it's also great for some 'me-time' as well. 


What Should I Wear?

We ask that you arrive wearing loose comfortable clothing, that allows for a full range of motion for your Yomassage class. Typical yoga clothing is a great choice. However, we do recommend an extra layer, like a sweatshirt, in case you need it for extra warmth.

Changing space is extremely limited and not guaranteed.  


What Should I Bring?

Please bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated. All other Yomassage supplies (mats, bolsters, blocks, balls, blankets) are provided for you.


Do I Have to Fill Out Any Forms?

Yes. If you have not visited us before, you will need to fill out a Creative Wellness Intake form.   Before class starts, everyone will need to fill out a brief form to help guide their session.


Can I Participate if I'm Pregnant?

Most likely yes! As long as you are comfortable getting up and down from a seated floor position you should be fine. If you are a current Creative Wellness client please speak with your therapist.  If you are new to our studio, please call us at 978-395-6690 so we can ask a few questions.  In the coming months, we plan on offering a Yomassage session specifically for our prenatal clients as well.


What is the space Like?

The space is warm, inviting and open. In addition, Creative Wellness provides a safe environment for all participants.

What is the fee?

Yomassage is $70 for a 90-minute experience which includes all required equipment and props.  

Not Currently Offered

Due to the covid pandemic, and the request by the governor, to limit group activities, we are not hosting any group events, in our studio. We hope to resume Yomassage as soon as it's safe to do so.  

"YoMassage left me in a deeply relaxed, positive state of mind and with a body that had more length, breath and ease of movement.".                              Joanne

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