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When people normally think about good health - they think about diet, exercise, and the body. Good health isn’t just about the physical body, it also includes the mind. Our minds and our bodies are interconnected.

A healthy balance needs to be maintained between your mind, body, and soul. In other words, you need to nurture your whole self, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When was the last time you did something that was just for you and didn’t feel guilty about taking the time to do it? There are many things that you can do to achieve overall wellness and begin to cultivate that mind, body, soul balance.

Continuing your education either formally or informally helps to open your mind to new beliefs and possibilities. Education shouldn’t stop when your formally schooling ends, it should be lifelong. Yoga is a great activity to do to build strength, flexibility, and coordination. Many people say it also helps them to center themselves and calm their mind. If you can’t find time to go to a studio, there are apps, online sites and plenty of DVDs at your local library so you can try it in the privacy of your home.

There have been a multitude of studies on meditation and overall health. It need not be a long-drawn-out process, but doing it for a few minutes every day can help to improve your mood, your memory, and might help you sleep better as well.

It is recommended that you get 15 minutes a day of moderate to fast-paced exercise. If that’s just not for you, try standing and moving more around the office during the day, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Don’t sell fresh air and the out of doors short to help you feel better. Many folks find they lack essential vitamin D that comes naturally from sunlight. Even if you don’t have a favorite outdoor activity, try having your lunch outside, or reading a book while resting on a bench.

Shopping at the local farmer’s market is a wonderful way to connect with your community and to get fresh seasonal veggies. Upping the amount of plant-based foods can ward off a plethora of chronic diseases.

Connect further with your community by volunteering. Your heart and soul will be nourished by helping others work toward a common goal. It’s a great experience for adults, but also make sure to get the kids involved at an early age as well.

Finally, get the “junk” out of your life. Switch to natural beauty and skincare products. Shop for green cleaners instead of using harsh chemicals. Let go of the little things in your life that bother you but are really of little importance.

Be grateful, please yourself before others, be kind to everyone (including yourself), and slow down and smell the roses.

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