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Let The Music Play!


Music is powerful on many levels. It has a unique connection to us emotionally. It matters not in what form, some people sing, some play an instrument, some dance and the majority listen and enjoy. Music has been used in almost all cultures and for as many years as its existence, to treat illnesses and restore harmony between the mind and body. Recently, there have been studies that attempted to measure the potential benefits of music.

Scientists have found that it is particularly helpful in reducing stress and bringing order and security to people, especially children. It also helps with communication, coordination, and improves overall quality of life. Music helps to minimize anxiety and the sensation of chronic pain. There aren’t any groups of people, from young to old that cannot benefit from the positive effects of music.

Music soothes the soul and so much more. Many practitioners of meditation find certain music extremely useful. It can help to slow the mind and help you get into a relaxed state. The music you choose to listen to is very individual to you. The style you pick usually should be gentle, have a familiar melody and should help you center yourself.

In several studies, researchers found that the heart rate of students of all ages synced up to the speed of music they were played -- regardless of the musical style and their interest, or not, in it. Lively music made their hearts speed up. Conversely, if the music slowed, it produced a calming, immune boosting effect by lowering cortisol levels and increasing hormones that improved the immune response and raised endorphin levels.

And what about the Mozart effect? It is said that listening to certain selections of Mozart’s music enhances learning by activating both the right and left sides of the brain. This enables the brain to process information more easily and improves recall of information when a particular tune is used during studying and then replayed.

Music is a universal language, there is something for everyone. You may want to start to incorporate more music into your life to help improve your general mood and well-being.

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