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Assisted Spinal Twist
Leg Traction
Opening the chest
Seated Forward Bend

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

Through a personalized approach, our therapists use yoga as a therapy to support our clients in healing chronic pain, increasing flexibility and range of motion, focusing and calming the mind and uplifting the spirit. During a session, you can expect a combination of assisted yoga postures, breathwork, massage to pressure points and guided relaxation. We start where you are at and build with each session. 


Our Therapeutic Yoga sessions are a curative treatment designed for your unique body mechanics, and not a yoga class or instruction.  All sessions are performed one-on-one with you by a therapist certified in yoga, massage, and other bodywork modalities.  


Details about sessions: 

  • 60 minutes in duration

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing

  • No special equipment necessary

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are great gifts for people who want to buy a healthy and stress relieiving experience. This is the gift that people will remember!



"Yoga is like a drop of water. It creates a ripple

effect that radiates into your whole life".                                                                 -Minden Barrile

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