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Relaxation vs. Therapeutic Massage

Life is stressful. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO of a large company or the CEO of your own home; we tend to put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves both mentally and physically. This epic level of expectations and tasks, both societal and self-imposed, takes its toll, yet, we find little or no time in our schedules to take care of our own basic psychological and physiological needs.

Massage therapy is a very personal approach to helping to relieve what ails you. Creative Wellness is a boutique studio offering a concierge service approach to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering a host of treatments that speak to a holistic approach to wellness leading to healthier, happier lives for our clients.

There are two basic types of massage therapy, relaxation massage and therapeutic massage. Determining which approach is right for you is best determined by being clear about your goals. Your goals may change as you begin to reap the benefits of massage. Our therapists are very in tune with our clients and are open to altering your plan as your needs change.

Relaxation massage is just as its name implies, with the main goal to relax, relieve stress and give you an overall immediate positive result. You can have a massage as often as you like, with the average person receiving this therapy about once a month to realize the full benefit. Our therapists have a soothing, calming effect while delivering an expert level of service.

Therapeutic massage is quite different from relaxation massage. One usually seeks out this type of service when dealing with a health issue. The practitioner and client will spend time going over the health assessment, setting a plan of action, and determining benchmarks and goals for the client to achieve. It is very important to have an experienced, skilled therapist to deliver this service. Finding the right therapist for you is as important as selecting any other health care provider. You should feel comfortable asking about their training, education, and years of experience. If you have a specific health problem, ask if they have ever assisted clients with a similar condition.

At Creative Wellness you will receive a customized individualized approach with a unique array of additional amenities. We are committed to making your experience with us one that you will want to repeat and tell your friends and family about. Visit us online today at

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