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Spring has Sprung

Springtime is here and so are those pesky seasonal allergies. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, allergic rhinitis has increased substantially over the past 15 years. It is estimated that now 15-16 percent of all adults have allergies.

This year will prove to be challenging due to the crazy weather we’ve had and continue to have, making it prime breeding grounds for pollen and mold. This could also trigger people that have never experienced seasonal allergies to suffer as well. There are steps that you can take to ease some of the effects and discomfort.

First, make sure it really is allergies and not a cold or other virus. If you have persistent symptoms for two weeks or more, but no fever or aches, it’s probably allergies. Over the counter meds can be quite effective, but take extra steps to reduce prolonged exposure to the irritants.

Allergy symptoms can take a toll on your over-all health and well-being, so take them seriously. Keeping yourself in the best possible condition can go a long way.

Spring cleaning isn’t just to make your home look better, it will actually reduce or eliminate allergens that have built up over the winter. Pay special attention to bathrooms and basements, or any place where there is moisture. Don’t forget your beloved pet. Over the winter they have spent more time in than out, and so the buildup of fur, saliva, and dander is greater. Make your vacuum your best friend, and don’t forget to get the upholstery and the pet’s bed as well.

If your allergens come from the outside, try to suppress the urge to open all your windows when the temperature starts to rise. Screens do not keep pollen out. Also – try bringing your exercise routine inside for the allergy season.

If you must go out during this time, remove your shoes and change your clothes as soon as you come back to your home. No need to carry the allergens throughout your home. A saline nasal rinse or using a neti pot will clear out anything that collected on your outing as well.

If you feel yourself getting run down from the stress and strain of allergies, find time to get some extra rest. Treat yourself to things that help you to relax and rejuvenate, like a massage. You are worth it!

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