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Try Something Different This Year

Every year folks set out to make their New Year resolutions. Most do not follow through for very long because the resolutions are often unreasonable or unrealistic to attain. Once the ”tumble off the resolution wagon” has happened, it’s extremely difficult to get back on. It can also cause depression and feelings of failure as well. Why not try something different for this year?

One of the most popular resolutions is weight loss. The older we get, the harder it is to take off those unwanted pounds. Shift the focus from the weight to trying to live a healthier lifestyle. The trick is to make whatever your plan is fit into the way you live your life now. Major changes only work for the very few, for a very short time, and are hard to keep up with. Make better food choices a few times a week and try increasing the amount you move each day. You may be surprised at the results.

Get a buddy on board with the plan as well. You will need the support and the accountability. Find a physical activity that both you and your buddy can enjoy together. We all have good intentions of spending more time with the important people in our lives, yet when was the last time you spent one on one time with your buddy? Combining time spent with that person with a fun healthy activity will check two boxes at one time.

So, if your goal is to still take off that extra twenty pounds, set bench marks. Bench marks are smaller and more easily attained. Shoot for the first five pounds, and reward yourself for a job well done when you hit that mark. Instead of committing to a long term gym membership, find out what short term, fun classes, like Zumba or beginning yoga, may be offered in your community.

If you find it difficult to change your diet, try eliminating just one item that you eat on a regular basis, like ice cream, and replace it with something healthier and satisfying like frozen fruit.

Finally, one huge mistake that is made when trying to make lifestyle changes is rewarding the accomplishments with food. Find other options that will make you smile like a piece of jewelry or a relaxing massage. Remember that it’s not about immediate gratification, but about subtle changes that have long-term overall effects.

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