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Seniors and Massage

One of the fastest growing segments of the population is the 65 and over folks, also referred to as seniors. As this group grows, so grows the emphasis on their quality of life, health and well-being.

Massage for seniors has a variety of physical and mental benefits. An experienced massage therapist is well versed in the different techniques needed for their aging clients. Massage has been found to be an excellent alternative to treat age-related diseases, as well as a substitute for some pharmaceutical interventions.

As seniors become less active, it becomes even more important to maintain stretching, blood flow to extremities and relaxation. All of this can be achieved through routine massage therapy. There have been many studies performed over the last twenty years that document the benefits of massage for this group.

One very common ailment of seniors is Osteoarthritis. Studies and controlled trials have found massage to be a huge benefit to those suffering with this condition. Participants reported that their range of motion increased while their level of pain decreased after several weeks of massage therapy. Many participants also noted that their ability to perform daily tasks greatly improved as well.

Massage, in general, has been found to lesson anxiety, stress and depression. It also can help stabilize blood pressure, increase circulation, and decrease inflammation. Massage helps to improve joint mobility and digestion.

Generally it is not necessary to get a doctors approval before getting a massage, but if there are significant health issues, it would be wise to do so. It is also extremely important to honestly communicate any health issues to your massage therapist. Keep in mind that massage therapists are well-trained professionals, but can only be truly effective if they have all relevant information.

Massage therapy for the elderly is a natural solution to many of the ailments that arise during the aging process. It has also proven to be an effective therapy to improve more conventional treatments as well. It is important to our society in general due to the high costs of treating the elderly. We all benefit in some way from having a healthier, happier, and more productive older population.


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