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Meet Alice

Alice is a Massachusetts licensed massage therapist and certified through The Massage School of Boston. She is also a Reiki practitioner based out of Brookline, MA. 

Her massage journey was sparked by an extensive spiritual practice rooted in unconditional love and compassion. She found that receiving massage became a conduit to transcend her fears of vulnerability and connection. Through massage therapy, Alice seeks to guide others along a similar path of healing and self-discovery.  

Within her practice, Alice seamlessly blends intuitive touch with a harmonious fusion of energy work and diverse massage techniques, prioritizing adaptability and fluidity. Nurturing a safe space for clients to embark on their inner journey, she perceives massage as a profound treatment and a catalyst for empowerment and holistic healing. Those who have experienced her touch describe her presence as a tranquil force and her technique as deeply restorative.

Beyond her therapeutic work, Alice finds solace in yoga, Tai Chi, and the simple pleasure of long walks. She's also a creative soul, expressing herself through art and writing. She is currently dedicating time to crafting a novel exploring the expansive realms of love—a project she aspires to publish someday.


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