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Meditation is an internal practice in which one uses techniques to induce a mental state of calm, clarity, and serenity. There are many different kinds of meditation. The meditation styles taught can include: mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, breathing meditation, sitting meditation, visualization meditation and candle meditation.


The practice of mindfulness meditation is being aware of physical and mental sensations like your heart beating, breath, and thoughts coming and going. Breathing meditation involves modulating the breath, in specific ways. Mantra meditation is done by mentally repeating a sacred sound and also regulating the breath. Guided visualization involves concentrating on an image or an imaginary environment. Sitting meditation is merely sitting. Moreover, candle meditation is done using a candle flame for increasing concentration and focus. 


What To Expect


In the first session, you and your instructor will talk about your experience, if any, with meditation and your goals for the session. The instructor will: explain what meditation is, talk about some of the different kinds of meditation techniques, recommend apps that might be helpful to keep you learning and interested, and help you strategize starting your meditation practice with a manageable practice time and building incrementally over time. You will be guided by the instructor in one or two techniques. After the guided portion of the session you will have time to share your thoughts on the practice and ask any questions. Sometimes one session is enough to get you started but if you would like to come back to learn more techniques or to have a guided session occasionally it's up to you.


Meditation sessions can be private, or you can bring a family member or friend to learn with you.  

Details about sessions: 

  • 60 minutes in duration

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing

  • No special equipment necessary

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are great gifts for people who want to buy a healthy and stress relieiving experience. This is the gift that people will remember!


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