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Group Wellness
Group Massage, chair massage brookline, chair massage

Companies with a

comittment to wellness

in an ROI

of 3:1 for 

costs and 3:1 for



(Baicker, Cutler and Song, 2010)


Creative Wellness' group services offer mindfulness/meditation instruction, 

chair massage therapy and workshops and presentations on health and well-being.

Healthy employees equals a healthy bottom line for businesses. Companies

have a major competitive advantage when the workforce is cultivating wellness. 

Healthy People  =  Healthy Business


"If a company were to increase lifestyle change success rates (from 20 to 50%) the wellness program would become a sought-after employee benefit and a 

competitive advantage. Imagine the greater savings on medical costs, lowered absenteeism and increased productivity that could be achieved by higher success rates. Higher success rates would also make the wellness program a morale builder and source of corporate pride."


         -Judd Allen Ph.D.

            Author of Wellness Leadership

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